Terms and conditions

Introduction and explanation

These terms and conditions are referred to as the Terms.

They apply to all bidders and potential bidders which includes those who take part in an auction we host even if they do not submit a bid or do not buy anything.

In all cases, Uzed Limited own the goods and Items that we sell by auction. If you are a Successful Bidder, you are entering into a contract agreement with Uzed Limited.



  1. ‘Seller’ includes the owner of the Lot (Uzed Limited)
  2. ‘Buyer’ includes the highest bidder, the person to whom a Lot is won by.
  3. ‘Sale’ includes a sale by private treaty.
  4. ‘Lot’ includes all Lots entered for sale.


Condition of items

  1. All Items are open for viewing and inspection during an auction. If condition understanding is not met, we strongly recommend that you do this before making a bid for any Item. Viewing and inspection is available by appointment only with a minimum of 24 hours notice. You acknowledge that you have been given this opportunity and it is your responsibility to ensure you are satisfied and aware of an items condition, quality and suitability.
  2. In order to carry out a viewing, please contact us either by telephone on 01908 033300 or email us at sell@uzed.com. We will then provide you with the appropriate details and make necessary arrangements to schedule a viewing.
  3. Items are sold ‘as seen’ subject to any faults, defects or imperfections. It is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure clear understanding of the items they are bidding on.
  4. Any photographs, images or videos of an item we provide are only for the purpose of illustration and the item may vary from the photographs or videos.
  5. Any descriptions we give relating to an item are only for the purposes of identification and relate to the main characteristics of an item.
  6. Any additional information about an items age, appearance, condition or usage will be outlined in the auction description. We are unable to give any additional information to this.
  7. All items are used.
  8. Items are not sold by way of sample.
  9. We are not liable for any form of loss or damage you may incur out of any error in description.
  10. All other conditions, warranties and implied terms are excluded from a Contract to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  11. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to comply with H&S Legislation in respect of an item that you contract to purchase as a successful bidder.
    This includes when attending for the collection, removal and transportation.
  12. For all customers in the UK, following on from winning an auction, an invoice will be sent with 20% VAT added.
  13. For any customers outside of the UK, following on from winning an auction, we require proof of export and we will provide an invoice excluding VAT.


Payments – Without exception, all accounts must be settled within 3 working days from the end of a sale. We accept bank transfer and the details will be confirmed to you following the sale. All Lots on your invoice must be paid in full before any removal. Penalties & charges may be imposed at the auctioneers’ discretion if payment falls outside the time limits set by Uzed Limited.

Removal – Once payment has been made in full, all items must be removed from site within 2 weeks. Items will not be released until the following working day after bidding closes on that items sale day (pending payment). Storage charges will apply to all items not removed within the 2 week timeframe. They are charged at £50 per pallet (1 pallet minimum charge) per week. Any Lots that are not collected within 1 month may be reconsigned to the next auction and sold without a reserve.

Warranties & Guarantees – There are no warranties or guarantees given or implied on any items in any auction. This is a trade only auction, by registering to the auction site you are also confirming that you are a trader and not a consumer. The Consumer Act 1979 does not apply to this auction.

Buyer Responsibility – Descriptions are available per Lot by the way of either full description of usability and or quality or listed as ‘untested / unchecked’. It is the bidders responsibility to arrange viewing within the allocated time period if they believe is necessary. The winning bidder enters into a contract with Uzed Limited to pay for the item(s) from the point of sale. Title does not pass to the buyer until the item(s) have been paid for in full.

Pricing – All prices are excluding VAT. If the reserve is not met, we may re-list the lot at a later date. 

The conduct of auctions including our obligations to you

  1. All auctions are conducted online via our Auction site.
  2. We give no warranty, assurance nor guarantee that the use of the website will be guaranteed, uninterrupted or error free and we will not be liable for any failure of or delay in the use of the website.
  3. All Lots will have a minimum reserve.
  4. You agree that you will comply with our website terms of use and with any policies or notifications we may post on the website at any time.
  5. Once a bid has been placed, you may not withdraw the bid unless we expressly agree with you that you can do so.
  6. You are responsible for ensuring that you read and understand the description and details of item(s) offered for sale on auction. This includes reading and following any information or conditions in the catalogue that we may publish before or during the auction.
  7. If the reserve is not achieved, it is within our own right to accept any bid made below the reserve at our discretion.

We may:

  1. Withdraw an item from an auction at any time, including after any bid has been made
  2. Refuse to accept any bid from you
  3. Refuse you to participate in any auction
  4. Sell an item by private treaty during an auction whether or not a bid has been made but only before the auction has ended.